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OSA WILD, located in Puerto Jiménez, in the Osa Peninsula, is the first 100% Costa Rican tourism office focused specifically on promoting community rural tourism.

Through OSA WILD, foreign tourists as well as nationals will be able to enjoy the closest experiences to daily Costa Rican life reality in one of the most beautiful and wild places in the country: the Osa Peninsula.

We offer unique experiences at a very low cost.  The diverse family projects go from a completely natural retreat amid mountains, trees, waterfalls and animals, to the preparation of Costa Rican dishes, fishing, milking, use of a mill, and the simple, humble and beautiful sharing with Costa Rican families.

Besides promoting community rural tourism, OSA WILD constantly works to offer a green destination.  These important Costa Rican family projects have become a priority for the country’s tourism economy. The visit to projects or properties that are able to sustain their necessities in a healthy way ensures us that these places will be around for a long time.  Even more valuable is the opportunity offered to discover the culture, the art and living of our people.

By supporting community rural tourism, you not only know where your money is being invested but also shows fair, honest and above all, truly sustainable business practices.

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"Get out a pen and underline this twice: Osa Wild is the way to connect with Corcovado park and Osa. Although it's a relatively young outfit, it's just what the area so desperately needed: a resource for travelers to connect with community-oriented initiatives that go to the heart of the real Osa through homestays, farm tours and sustainable local cultural exchanges. Of course it also offers the more typical stuff like kayaking tours and guided trips through Corcovado (in fact Ifi, who's running the show, is a university-trained biologist and the best guide we've met in the region), but its focus on sustainability, environmental protection and community development leave it in a league of its own. It also sets up volunteer programs and rents tents and stoves for trips into the park. Amazing!"


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