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To promote the development of responsible tourism in favor of the social, economical and environmental advantage of the Osa Peninsula communities.


To become a model tour operator, where all of our beneficiaries have the opportunity to give to the universal responsibility of protecting the natural resources and sustainable development of rural communities.


We consider sustainability an important part of our mission and vision. We invite you to contribute and take part in one of the many community projects run by the local NGO "ASCONA". Find more information in their webpage

At OSA WILD we want tourists to learn and to become responsible tourists. It is vital for us that customers know that they can become responsible tourists by visiting any of the rural, ecological and sustainable projects in the Osa. Here are some more reccommendations for being a responsible tourist:

  • Respect local traditions and etiquette
  • Avoid obvious displays of wealth
  • Be flexible in your expectations
  • Conserve and protect natural resources
  • Practice minimum environmental impact
  • Thoroughly research your tour operator or guide
  • Support local economies by using local inns, restaurants and markets
  • Bridge cultural gaps by participating in friendly cultural exchanges
  • Continue your commitment to environmental conservation in your every day life

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