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Three toed sloth

    Corcovado Standard Package

    Corcovado Adventures

    This full three-day tour is the best way to discover the park. You hike into Sirena on the 1st day, the 2nd day you explore the area around Sirena, and on the 3rd day, you hike out of the park.…

    from $406.00
    Bottle nosed dolphin Golfo Dulce Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

      Full Peninsula Discovery

      Corcovado Adventures

      Two days, one night. Hike in, boat out or boat and hike out! This option takes you from Puerto Jimenez, in the eastern part of the Peninsula, all the way to Drake Bay, on the opposite side, or vice-versa. The…

      from $285.00

        Sirena Deep Exploration

        Corcovado Adventures

        Two days, one night. Boat in, explore, boat out! Starting from Drake Bay to the heart of Corcovado National Park, the Sirena Biological Station is just incredible for a deep contact with nature, this option is just perfect if you are…

        from $292.00

        Waterfall Rappelling

        An adventure that combines horseback riding, hiking and rappelling in one.There’s nothing else like it!.

        Tree Climbing

        The view from here is truly breathtaking! Take your time as you climb up as nature will surprise you the whole way. Smell nearby trees, beehives, or pass through a bat house; hear howler monkeys and see scarlet macaws flying above; keep a lookout for slow and gentle sloths or simply enjoy the stunning ocean […]

        Alto Laguna Indigenous Reserve

        The Ngöbes are one of the oldest indigenous groups in America. This culture has been characterized by their respect to nature and spirituality, as well as the production of handcrafts made with different natural products. Come and enjoy their customs and traditions, while contributing to the well being of native people.

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        Ifigenia Garita Canet

        Ifigenia Garita Canet

        Luisda Montero

        Luisda Montero

        Arlet Quirós

        Arlet Quirós

        The People of Costa Rica: Leading the Way in Conscious, Responsible Travel
        The People of Costa Rica: Leading the Way in Conscious, Responsible Travel In Costa Rica, many local businesses have created and designed innovative spaces and experiences in order to ensure responsible tourism that supports both the communities and the environment. This post is a contribution from guest blogger, Kayla Sippl. We are…

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