Biodiversity: People & Nature

We proudly offer the possibility of sharing, living and learning customs and experiences of the rural life, promoting respect and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage. Approximately 70% of the Osa Peninsula is protected by some category of conservation, meaning that people and nature are all in one melting pot. Ecotourism is presented as a promise to promote responsible travel to natural areas, make positive contributions to environmental conservation, and improve the well-being of local communities.
With these tours we connect community-based tourism with the most popular attraction of the area, Corcovado National Park. These are overnight packages (2 days 1 night), ideal for people who do not have much time to visit the peninsula. They’re also the perfect choice for those who were not able to reserve space at Sirena station.
All the accommodations are 100% Costa Rican and help conserve some of the most precious natural resources of the area, among them the Golfo Dulce, Corcovado and the Forest Reserve. The PaqueTICOS are the right option to enjoy both, nature and local culture. We also offer longer stays at any of the projects, and some of them also offer camping option as well as shared kitchen. Feel free to enquire about any of these options, we'll be happy to help you build any specific itinerary around the peninsula.

Support local people through tourism

Hiking in the beach

    Beach Trek

    Biodiversity: People & Nature

    Enjoy the breeze of the ocean and the concert of the forest for a night in this true paradise. And while you're here, you wouldn't want to miss the one…

    from $182.00
    Hiking in the jungle

      Mountain Trek

      Biodiversity: People & Nature

      A rural tourism experience and adventure!! Two days, one night. Explore the northern mountains of Corcovado in La Tarde and Los Patos area, surrounded by mature and dense primary forest.…

      from $234.00