The Learning Adventure

This learning adventure is imparted by professional tropical biologists and local specialists, with the collaboration of grassroots organizations, land owners, and extraordinary people who have made an impact in the preservation of this exuberant place. We are eager to share our community commitment and connect through real world experiences, as we learn about the biological importance of rain forest ecosystems. The 6 days 5-night program includes workshops, seminars, and speakers, as well as excursions and adventures, at one of the most pristine places on earth. We are flexible enough to create tailor-made programs at your request, for shorter or longer itineraries. Through the Scientific & Educational Program, we aim to nurture and develop young people from around the world. These influential experiences will prepare them for a lifetime of principled, ethical, and naturally inspired humans. We aim to be more than a program, we hope to be the motivation for the future naturalists to change the world.

Educational & Scientific Tourism